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October 9, 2012: Sam Becker to present EDGE library benchmarks test findings at the Internet Librarian conference on October 22

Research Project Manager Samantha Becker presents findings of EDGE library benchmarks test at the
Internet Librarian Conference on October 22 in Monterey, CA.

A coalition of thirteen organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the American Library Association, the Urban Libraries Council, the International City/County Management Associations, state libraries, and the University of Washington and University of Maryland, have been developing a set of benchmarks and indicators for measuring the success of and encouraging excellence in public access technology services in public libraries across the country. In April, 2012 the University of Washington conducted a beta test of these benchmarks with a representative sample of public libraries across the country. Beta test libraries were asked to complete an assessment workbook and to provide written feedback on the benchmarks, indicators, and assessment process; a subsample of participating libraries were also interviewed by telephone. The purpose of the beta test was to:

  • determine whether certain library characteristics, such as population size, staffing levels, or per capita funding, drive indicator performance and patron outcomes;
  • to learn how much time and effort is required to participate in the benchmarking effort;
  • and to gather other feedback about the initiative that will drive subsequent revisions to the framework, assessment protocols, and advocacy tools.

This session will review the results of the Edge Beta Test, with an emphasis on findings related to library characteristics, correlations between indicators, and the next steps for the Edge Initiative. Besides learning about the progress of the Edge Initiative, participants in the session will come away with a new quantitative understanding of what inputs and activities matter most for achieving quality public access resources.

For more information, visit the conference website.

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