Edge Device Hours and Bandwidth Calculator

Device hours per capita calculator

This calculator will show you your current device hours per capita and also allow you to try out different combinations of devices and hours to see their effect on your level of achievement on Edge Benchmark 9.1. The calculator has been pre-loaded with the legal service area population and numbers of hours open for each public library system in the U.S.; this data comes from the 2012 IMLS Public Library Survey. To use the calculator, please follow these instructions:

1. Select library: Select your state from the drop down menu below, then select the name of your library system from the adjacent drop down menu.
2. Verify population size: Once you have selected your library a new section of the calculator will appear. This will display the total population of your legal service area ; if there has been a change to the population size, you can type in the revised number in the white box.
3. Provide number of devices: Below the population size, a list will be visible that show your outlets by name and two white boxes. In the first box, enter in the total number of devices for that location. Include in this number all the public computers, laptops, and Internet-enabled devices you have available for patrons. Do this for each library location.
4. Verify hours open: The second white box will be pre-populated with the number of hours the library location is open per week, as reported in the IMLS data. If that number is not current, you can type in the current number in the box. Do this for each library location.
5. Calculate: Click on the “Calculate” button.
6. Interpret results: Once you’ve clicked “Calculate” you will see the device hours per capita for your library system displayed. You will also see your level of achievement against Benchmark 9.1 and the ranges of device hours per capita necessary to reach the three levels of achievement.
7. Test scenarios: If you are unsatisfied with you library’s level of achievement, you can test different scenarios for increasing device hours per capita. Simply replace the numbers for devices and/or hours open and click “Calculate” again. Repeat until you find a combination that will get you to the level you feel is appropriate for your community.

Select State and Library system:

Click the button to display the device per capita

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Bandwidth requirements calculator

Bandwidth requirements are calculated for each library location separately. For each location, enter in the upload and download speeds you have contracted with your ISP to provide; alternately you can use your actual upload and download speeds from a speed test.

Do you have a connection in this location:Yes No
Total number of computers, laptops and tablets available for public use at this location:
Available download bandwidth in mbps:
Available upload bandwidth in mbps:

Click the button to display the Bandwidth capacity per user

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