April 23, 2015
Impact Survey

Since October 2013, Impact Survey has collected over 60,000 survey responses from libraries across the United States. See the results from across the country.

Impact Survey is an online survey tool designed specifically for public libraries that want to better understand their communities and how people use their public technology resources and services.

Written and validated by research staff at the University of Washington Information School, the Impact Survey is designed to quickly and easily provide busy librarians with useful data on how their patrons use library technology services. The program saves libraries the time and costs associated with writing, programming, analyzing, and reporting an in-house survey. The tool includes:

  • Cut and paste code with a variety of options for linking to the survey.
  • Easy-to-read data-oriented reports¬†detailing survey results in charts and graphs.
  • Advocacy-oriented communication tools showcasing survey results.
  • Downloadable data for libraries that want to do deeper analysis of their survey results.

Find out more information about Impact Survey at http://ImpactSurvey.org.

The U.S. IMPACT Study

Access to the Internet has become a central part of American society, helping all of us in many areas of our daily lives. Over the past twenty years, libraries and community technology centers have taken on the role of public access centers for those who are unable to reach the Internet at home or work, for reasons ranging from lack of financial resources to personal preference. The U.S. Impact Study is examining the users and use of these public services to better understand the impact of free access to computers and the Internet on the individuals, families and communities served by these public and private resources.