CTOP Grant Program

About the Community Technology Opportunity Program (CTOP)

CTOP grew out of the Communities Connect Network (CCN) study. It provides grants ranging from $18,938 to $50,288 to 10 community technology programs located in the state of Washington. The grants provide support for hands-on technology access and training for low-income and underserved residents.

As a condition of the grant, recipients are required to complete periodic reporting on their activities. Recipients use the framework developed by CCN to evaluate their programs. Consistent with this framework, a web-based survey was developed to track grantees. The survey asked grantees to:

  1. Identify the policy issues confronting the community in which the CTC works.
  2. Identify stakeholders and their reasons for needing or using the CTC.
  3. Report the inputs available or added.
  4. Report activities that address policy issues or stakeholder needs across the six CTOP domains (employment skills, education enhancement, financial literacy, social inclusion, access to information, micro-enterprise development).
  5. Report outputs (i.e., the number of persons participating in activities).
  6. Measure and report impacts by tracking the numbers of persons whose needs have been successfully addressed.

Research Instruments
Presentation for grantees

Crandall, M. and Becker, S. (2009) Final report on project management, deliverables, and outcomes

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Beckmann, A. “Technology and Life Skills a Path out of Homelessness for U-District Youth.”