Advocacy Videos

We hope that the following short videos produced by the IMPACT Team will inspire you to find new and creative ways to communicate the value of offering public access technology and training at the library. Our resident film maker and UW iSchool graduate student, Ryer Banta, has created a Video Tips and Tricks document to help you create your own public access technology video stories.

Making Connections: Internet Access @ Your public Library

Use of public access technology at public libraries has a profound and measurable effect on individuals and communities. In this video, library public access technology users share their stories about how this service has made a difference in their lives. Statistics from the U.S. IMPACT Survey are also included to help viewers understand the impact of these services on a national scale. This video demonstrates the effectiveness of combining stories and statistics in advocacy messaging.

Making Connections: We Can Help You With That!

Each day, public library staff provide one-on-one technology assistance and training to help members of their community find the information they need to accomplish important tasks, as well as acquire needed digital literacy skills. This short, humorous video narrated by Nancy Pearl highlights the role of the librarian as information and technology guide, and the library as your go-to place when confronted with an information need. Have a question? The library can help you with that!